2017 SDPA Call for Nominations

Being an officer in SDPA is a great way to volunteer, further your professional development and network with other psychologists. The time commitment is manageable and officers will have the support of other executive committee members and the executive director. To remain viable, your association is in great need of new officers. Please consider a self-nomination or of another member or eligible member with whom you have consulted. The Executive Committee meets most months, usually for one hour, and, generally via conference call. Additionally, we hold an in-person meeting, at the annual conference.  Please ask any question you might have about being an officer or a member.

Instructions: Nominations are requested for the following positions with the description from the SDPA Bylaws. If you submit more than one nominee for a position, please rank in order of preference. Please print their full first and last name and degree. Your completed form should be received no later than Monday September 11. Please complete this form, or contact the office if you have questions.  605-470-0707.

President (1 Year term – typically the second year of President-Elect, President and Past President Sequence of offices –The President would receive considerable support from other officers and the Executive Director.)   It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings, to act as Chairperson of the Executive Committee, and to exercise supervision over the affairs of the Association with approval of the Executive Committee, and to perform such other duties as are incident to this office.

President-Elect (I-year term followed by a I-year term as President and 1- year term as Past President – three-year commitment). The President- Elect shall be a Member of the Association and it shall be his/her responsibility to serve as a member of the Executive Committee and to perform the duties of the President in the event of the absence or incapacity of the latter. In the event that the President shall not serve out the full term for any reason, the President-Elect shall succeed to the unexpired remainder thereof and continue through his/her own term as President. The President-Elect shall oversee the planning and implementation of the continuing education portion of the Annual Meeting.

Member-at-Large: (Three-year term):  The duties of the Member-at-Large is to support and encourage membership in the Association, to act as a liaison between the Membership and the Executive Council, and any other duties as defined by the Executive Committee.

State Representative to APA Council of Representatives (COR): (Three-year term) The SD Representative to the APA Council of Representatives, represents SDPA at the APA Council of Representatives, APA’s legislative body.  The COR Representative would inform SDPA members of many pending APA legislative issues and provide representation of SDPA positions to APA Council of Representatives.  The representative attends two national COR meetings just before the APA Annual Conference in August and the Practice Leadership Conference in February.

Please name your nominations in the fields below.  Thank you!